Baguio residents urged to observe healthy lifestyle

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The City Health Services Office (CHSO) urged residents and visitors alike to strictly practice a healthy lifestyle during the numerous gatherings they are attending in celebration of the Yuletide season to ensure they will be healthy to welcome the new year.

City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo claimed there is abundant food during the Yuletide season but people must learn to take everything in moderation to prevent them from contracting illnesses that will compromise their health condition.

Earlier, health authorities disclosed there is always a sudden increase in cardio-vascular illnesses during and after the Yuletide season because of too much intake of different kinds of food allegedly with high cholesterol and alcohol contents that pose a serious threat to the health of said individuals, thus, the repeated reminders for people to practice healthy lifestyle during the Christmas and New Year festivities to prevent them from contracting life-threatening illnesses.

The city health officer also reminded the public to observe the proper handling and storage of food at all times to prevent the same from being contaminated that may result to food poisoning among those who partake of the said food.

While the Yuletide season is a time when there is abundant food served during the different occasions, she underscored people should always prioritize the practice of healthy lifestyle or taking everything in moderation to prevent them from contracting life-threatening illnesses that will compromise their health condition as well as their work.

For food handlers, Galpo reminded them to ensure proper hygiene when preparing food to be served to a large number of people during gatherings to prevent any untoward incident that could spoil the merrymaking of families and relatives when celebrating the various activities during the Yuletide season.

On the other hand, she called on the public to ensure the food items they are purchasing are fresh and well preserved.

The medical officer explained that enjoying the numerous celebrations during the Yuletide season cannot be gauged by the food served but what matters is the manner in which people celebrate the birth of Christ and the coming of the new year without compromise their health condition so as to keep them healthy and productive through the years.

By Dexter A. See