Baguio Mayor’s search for truth get support


BAGUIO CITY – The City Council passed a resolution expressing the city’s officialdom and citizens’ strong support to Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong in his quest for truth and standing on what is right and good, especially during the ongoing inquiry on the ‘Agaw Bato’ issue.

Resolution no. 336, series of 2019, states the officialdom of the city and its citizens wholeheartedly support the City Mayor in his quest for truth and standing on what is right and good, especially in the ongoing Senate inquiry on the ‘Agaw Bato” issue and other related issues that have cropped up as a result of the investigation.

The resolution stipulates the constituents of Baguio have explicitly conveyed their support through social media and by staging a prayer rally for the safety and security of the city mayor.

Earlier, the mayor appeared at the hearing called by the Senate blue-ribbon and justice committees on the illegal drug situation in the country, among other related issues.

During the conduct of the Senate inquiry, numerous Philippine National Police (PNP) officers were implicated or mentioned on the alleged corrupt practices of alleged “Agaw Bato.” perpetrated by the so-called ninja cops.

Despite the alleged death threats he reportedly received after his revelation in the Senate, Mayor Magalong insisted that testifying before the Senate was worth it, that it is a fight between good and evil and of what is right and good.

The resolution was approved by the members of the city legislative body in a quick session that was called for the said purpose prior to the session by the designated Senior Citizens Officials for A Day (SCOFAD), an institutionalized event of the local government every first week of October.

Last Sunday, different religious groups in the city converged at the Peoples Park for a prayer rally for the safety and security of the mayor in his quest for the truth in his revelations in the series of Senate inquiries on the alleged involvement of ranking PNP officers in the corrupt activities that tend to derail the government’s aggressive anti-illegal drug campaign.

Right after his assumption in office on July 1, 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte launched an aggressive anti-illegal drug campaign that resulted to the surrender of hundreds of thousands of individuals involved in the drug trade and the untimely demise of those drug suspects who opted to fight it out with authorities for them to be able to pursue the distribution of the various illegal drugs in the different parts of the country.

Amidst the campaign against illegal drugs in the country, the fact remains that illegal drugs continue to be traded and distributed because of the alleged protection provided to the drug suspects by suspected corrupt public officials and those in the law enforcement agencies.

The justice department is now investigating the involvement of ranking PNP officials in the various corrupt activities that were exposed thus the drug problem continues to be one of the major problems of the country.

By Dexter A. See