Baguio LGU workers celebrate Employees Week

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The Local government Unit of Baguio Employees Association, Inc. (LGU-BEAI) recently celebrated the Annual Employees Week with the theme “Beyond Public Service Amidst the Pandemic”.

Among the highlights of this year’s celebration of the Annual Employees Week was the conduct of the traditional blood letting activity in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and the City Health Services Office (CHSO) where 29 employees, including 15 males and 14 females, donated part of their precious blood for those who are in need of blood, especially for those who had been affected by the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Further, the LGU-BEAI also conducted its outreach activity where the officers of the association visited, gave encouragement and distributed tokens in manifestation of their concern for the welfare of the less fortunate clients of the Bahay Pag-asa, formerly the Social Development Center, and the Silungan Center, both under the City Social Welfare and Development Office.

Despite the continuous heavy impact of the pandemic, the LGU-BEAI board approved Resolution No. 4, series of 2021 that operationalized the financial assistance program of the organization for deserving and qualified children of the association.

Under the said program, each qualified beneficiaries shall be receiving P10,000 annually to help in sustaining their education in their 4-year degree course of their choice.

However, the grantees will have to maintain the standards set by the said resolution for them to be able to continuously receive the annual financial assistance until they will be able to finish their enrolled course.

On the other hand, the LGU-BEAI also approved Resolution No. 5, series of 2021 that put in place the association’s Study Now Pay Later Program for the group’s members where the same will be applicable to employees who pass the civil service examinations and who want to push through with their studies to be able to achieve a higher level of education.

Qualified employees may loan from the association not more than P60,000 for the whole duration of the study without interest but the loaned amount should be promptly paid based on the agreed mode of payment.

Based on the data from the association, there are some 1,542 members of the group’s mortuary program where the same is being continuously implemented as a way to help members during the untimely demise of the employee or their relatives.

When an employee passes away, the legitimate beneficiary will be receiving a financial assistance of P25,000 while in the case of the untimely death of a relative of the member of the association, the employee will be getting an assistance amounting to P15,000.

Under the guidelines of the aforesaid program, relatives of members shall be their parents, spouse and children.

For unmarried members, their siblings are included as among their beneficiaries of the member, thus, the employee will be entitled to the same benefit.

At present, there are already 98 beneficiaries who were able to avail of the prescribed benefits under the program of the association.

The LGU-BEAI announced that the election of the new set of officers is tentatively scheduled in March 2022. By Dexter A. See