Baguio cops arrest 829 wanted persons

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BAGUIO CITY  – Combined police operatives and intelligence agents successfully arrest 829 wanted persons in the city from January to November 15, 2019 and that the arrest of persons who have pending warrants of arrest will bring about a more peaceful community as, logically, people behind bars can no longer commit crimes.

BCPO City Director Police Col. Allen Rae F. Co said the arrested wanted persons is composed of 1 most wanted in the regional level, 1 top most wanted in the city level, 1 top most wanted in the municipal level and 33 wanted persons from the station level.

Further, 793 wanted persons were arrested and accounted for by the different operating troops of the city for the past ten and a half months.

The police official claimed that through prompt response to calls, texted-in reports from concerned citizens, some 383 persons were arrested by virtue of warrantless arrest where the arrested suspects were reportedly involved in different cases like homicide, physical injuries, rape, robbery, theft and other non-index crimes committed during the aforesaid period.

In the campaign against illegal drugs, Co underscored their intensified campaign for the same period this year resulted to the conduct of 111 operations, arrest of 162 persons and the confiscation of illegal drugs, both shabu and marijuana, with a market value of P6.7 million compared to the 44 operations, arrest of 69 drug suspects and confiscation of some P684,000 worth of illegal drugs during the same period last year.

According to him, their continuous anti-illegal drug operations resulted to a 152 percent increase in conducted operations, 134 percent increase on arrest of drug suspects and 890 percent on the value of drugs seized.

In the campaign against lose firearms, police operatives accounted for 38 firearms of which 20 firearms were reportedly surrendered and 18 were confiscated with 14 persons arrested followed by the filing of appropriate charges against them.

He stated the arrest of gun-wielding individuals and the confiscation of firearms were accomplished through the conduct of mobile and stationary checkpoints and the implementation of search warrants issued by the different courts.

On environmental protection, Co reported the arrest of 3 persons for illegal logging out of the 2 conducted anti-illegal logging operations where a total of P15,000 worth of illegally-sawn lumber were seized.

On the implementation of city ordinances, he reported a total of 444 arrests were recorded for violation of anti-smoking, 184 for anti-jaywalking and 514 for anti-destructed walking as well as 2 for vaping.

With aggressive traffic management as one of the 15-point agenda of the administration, he said that strategic management of traffic direction and control to ease the traffic congestions and with the application of the 4Es (enforcement, engineering, enforcement and enactment of appropriate legislations), implementation of traffic rules and regulations as well as removal of obstructions on the roads, particularly illegally parked vehicles, were strictly enforced, resulting to 49,520 persons cited for traffic violations and the confiscation of 23,080 license plates from illegally parked vehicles.

By Dexter A. See