Baguio CBAO announces major projects in 2019


BAGUIO CITY  – The City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) announced that it is ready to implement a number of major programs and projects of the city government funded from this year’s P2.179 billion annual budget of the city.

City Building Official Engr. Nazita Bañez said that one of these identified major projects is the put up of the P410 million proposed 8-storey city hall annex and multi-level parking structure within a city-owned lot in barangay Camp Allen which is expected to commence by the end of the year.

The Baguio City Council approved the city government’s annual budget that included the initial P210 million earmarked for the start-up construction of the proposed multi-storey city hall annex and parking structure and to serve as a legislative building, and other offices of the city.

The city government department head added that another priority project also funded this year is the upcoming demolition of the old Magsaysay market building to pave the way for its reconstruction in the amount of P20 million starting anytime after the ongoing implementation of the election ban.

Further, the city government provided some P15 million in this year’s annual budget for the repair of the skating rink in Burnham Park to improve the state of the park and entice more residents and visitors to patronize the premier park of the city.

The repair and improvement of the satellite market in Pacdal and the Gibraltar area was also provided with some P10 million to improve its current state.

The city building official reported that the office has some 15 ongoing projects funded under last year’s budget with the amount of P69.4 million while some 8 projects were already implemented and completed with a total amount of P1.1 million.

Among the priority projects of the local government that are ongoing include the P44 million upgrading of the swimming pool located at the Baguio swimming pool wherein part of the project is the installation of solar panels that will heat up the water in the pool and the completion of the existing CBAO building.

Earlier, the City Development Council approved the list of priority projects of the local government which was included in the city’s Annual Investment Plan (AIP) where the projects that will be funded are collated out.

Under the provisions of the Local Government code, local governments are mandated to convene the City Development Council (CDC) that will composed of government and private sectors representatives who will deliberate the priority development projects that will be included in the city’s short, medium and long-term development plans that will serve as the blueprint in charting the city’s growth and development.

The city building official is the only department head in the local government that is not under the direct supervision of the local chief executive since the said office head is directly being supervised by the Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

By Dexter A. See
Banner artwork by Don Ray Ramos