BAC to decide on state of 2 compactors


BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan directed the city’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) to act on the appeal of the supplier of the two compactors that are parked within the premises of city hall to accept the delivered units of equipment and for them to pay the appropriate liquidating damages for the delay in the delivery.

The local chief executive cited the purchase of the two compactors was done in November last year and the units of equipment was supposed to be delivered by the winning supplier 90 days after the issuance of the notice of award.

“WE have to wait for the BAC decision whether or not to grant the appeal of the supplier to pay the appropriate liquidating damages for the delay it caused in the units of equipment,” Domogan stressed.

Aside from the serious delay in the delivery of the units of equipment, Domogan said another issued to be considered by the BAC is that the price of the items is reportedly higher at P7.95 million each compared to the existing market price of such units of equipment with similar specifications that is more or less P5.9 million each.

Supposedly, he cited the compactors were to be sued to haul the increasing volume of generated waste in the city, especially during the month-long flower festival celebration, but the supplier failed to do so and instead requested for another 30-day extension.

However, the supplier again failed to comply with its commitment to deliver the units of equipment on the prescribed deadlines, thus, the BAC already cancelled the purchase.

While the city was about to deliver the notice of cancellation of the purchase, the supplier reportedly delivered the units of equipment to the city out of time and without the proper documents that is why the city mayor refused to accept the same and were parked on the city hall grounds.

Lately, the BAC required the supplier to present the appropriate documents of the compactors while the decision on whether or not to accept his appeal for the payment of liquidating damages is still subject for deliberations and evaluation.

The two compactors can haul and compact more or less 10 tons of garbage each and it would greatly help the city government in improving the collection of garbage, especially within the city’s central business district area.

Domogan explained the purchase of the two compactors was supposed to contribute in improving the efficiency of garbage collectors in the hauling of garbage from the designated pick up points to the staging area of the hauler prior to its transport to the engineered sanitary landfill in Capas, Tarlac.

The city generates a total of 370 tons of garbage daily but some big companies have their own solid waste disposal facilities which have greatly reduced the volume of garbage being hauled out of the city aside from the segregated biodegradable waste in the households and the non-biodegradable waste and recyclable materials which are taken by the volunteer segregators for their livelihood.

He cited the local government is doing its best to make the city’s garbage collection efficient through the purchase of added units of compactors and garbage dump tucks to ensure the daily collection of garbage in the city’s 128 barangays. By Dexter A. See