Attempted shipment of MJ foiled

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TABUK CITY, Kalinga- During a regular Monday afternoon while people were getting ready to go home, the police were alerted by staff members from LBC Remittance Center at Bulanao about a possible attempt to ship four bricks of suspected marijuana on September 7, 2020.

According to police report, joint personnel from the Tabuk CPS headed by PLtCol Redino Belly, COP, RIU-14, and RID PRO-COR responded to a call about a suspicious shipment that may contain illegal narcotics hidden inside a box of ground coffee.

In an interview with a staff from said courier service, she recalled that during the late afternoon, a girl (identified by the PNP as a certain Daisy Palangdao) carrying a box entered the establishment claiming she wanted to ship said box.

While said girl was filling up the form, the staff checked the content of the box to make sure of its content.

“Nung in-open ko yung kape, naka lulukat lang talaga dayjay content na haan nga nakagalut. Ket kunak ijay ubing [sender] nga nu haan ta igalut daytuy ket maibelleng. Idi ilisik jay nangisit nga cellophane, ijay nga nagparang jay kasla nga brick ket dinamag ku nu inya dayjay ‘haan ku ammu dayta, haan mu pakpaki-alaman dayta ta ungtan daka’ kunana santu pimmanaw,” she said.

After the sender left, the staff alerted some of her fellow workers explaining to them what happened and how the sender refused to let the package be searched.

“Protocol mi gamin ket haan mi i-ship ti item nu haan mi kalkalen, idi nagparescue kami jay maysa nga kadwa mi ta kitan na jay karga na, nakita mi nga marijuana, ket nagibaun kami iti tumawag ti pulis,” she claimed.

After a short time, the sender came back, showing signs of nervousness and kept asking what the fellow staff members said and when she was asked if she owns the package, she bolted to the door.

Some of the staff members attempted to catch the girl but she was faster so she got away.

After arriving at the scene, the authorities confirmed the package as marijuana which weigh around 4 kg and valued at Php 480, 000.00.

After conducting an onsite inventory, the seized contraband was brought to the Kalinga Crime Lab for examination.

Investigation about Palangdao and the recipient is still being conducted.

By Edward Joseph Gacuya