An Open Letter to all Frontliners

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I hope that we never meet each other for now…

But if given a chance to see you all face to face after this, I will give you my warmest hug.

Thank you for all the unending nights that you gave to all the patients, for staying outside to keep us away from danger instead of staying beside your family; for sacrificing your time and not giving up to all the people who are still surviving; for reminding us to stay at home and to feel great that we are alive.

You may be threatened, but you showed no fear. You are the hope of our nation today, forever we are grateful you are there. You guys are great, really great! In behalf of all the patients you saved, we owed you a lot.

I may not be in your position, but I know how much you are hurt seeing patients die because of this enemy that we cannot see. I may not be in your position but I know how much you are hurt wearing those tight, hot and annoying clothes and necessities everyday for these are the only things that can keep you far from being infected, and you all bear this much because you wanted to help.

To all our modern heroes who keep us safe and being part of this war that we cannot control, every one of you should take care.

I know it is hard that your family is still waiting for you. I am just one of the children who are waiting for their mom and dad to come home safely.

I will pray for your souls and family. After this you deserve a plate of honor, all the frontliners out there.

Hats off Ma’am, Sir.

April Anne M. Nemenzo