Alternative Work Arrangement at CDA-CAR


Aligned with the government’s policy on Alternative Work Arrangement, allow me to share some updates. The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Central Office issued a Memorandum dated May 26,2020 to all extension offices based on Civil Service Commission Memorandum 10, s. 2020 “ Revised Interim Guidelines for Alternative Work Arrangements and Support Mechanisms for Workers in the Government During the Period of State of National Emergency Due to COVID-19 Pandemic. The CDA adopted combinations of the Four-day Work week, Skeletal Work Force and Work from Home Arrangement since June 1, 2020.

In the CDA Memorandum it states that “the work week will be from Monday to Thursday and each will be required to render ten (10) hours per day both for those working from home and the authorized skeletal force. However, members of the skeleton work force, who will not be staying in the office, because of the curfew hours imposed, will be allowed to leave the office after rendering eight (8) hours of work but are required to remain on call through their mobile devices for the remaining two-hours while en route to their respective residence”.

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The implementation of the issuance was followed by CDA-CAR with slight adjustment that allowed some personnel work until Friday but still within the 4-day work week. This was in consideration on the deadline of report submission and securing of Certificate of Compliance by different cooperatives. Add to it are the challenges on the current state of our infrastructure communication technology and the strict observance of COVID protocols by different local government units that affected the early submission of reports.

Effective July 13, 2020 onwards, the CDA CAR Regional Office shall be open from Monday to Thursday (7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) and 4:00-6:00 PM shall form part of the Work from Home of each staff. Office shall be closed on Friday. All cooperatives and stakeholders are requested to transact business on the said working days and hours and comply with the COVID-19 protocols. Customers are encouraged to comply with the policy on use of mask, social distancing and hand sanitation.

We hope that our cooperative members, officers, employees and stakeholders sustain their support to our operations under the new normal. Challenges are normal occurrences in our daily lives and TRUST is the best weapon to defeat any adversities. Let us join hands and help the government overcome this pandemonium with our united prayer for God’s intervention. As we move forward and declare our faith for divine intercession to heal the world, may the Lord continually bless us all and provide our daily needs. Keep safe and be healthy. For further queries, you may send messages to

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