All walk music band reveals secret drive


Newly founded  ‘all walk’ band,  Less Travelled Road (LTR),  shared that the first album of educational and inspirational songs were generally backed-up by the composer’s well-off experiences as a public servant.

The group told Herald Express recently that most the songs included in the album were inspired by Dr. Nieves A. Dacyon’s 12 years as a SUC President of MPSPC and ASC respectively. “The song ‘difference that last’ for instance, is an offshoot of the upgrading of the Apayao State College during her term, which couldn’t be discounted,” Clifford Tuazon, the drummer, said.

ASC is one of the fastest growing State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Cordillera during Dacyon’s term as evidenced by the landing of the college as Level III in SUC Levelling (from level II in 2012) after having successfully gone through the process of evaluation under the Regional Evaluation Committee (REC) last September 2016.

Listen to samples of their music:

Further, the opening of doors for the accreditation raised the status of ASC’s programs for both campuses, from zero level for all programs in 2013 to now level II in Luna campus, and from zero and level I accredited programs to now level 1 and level II, respectively, in Conner Campus. Among other accomplishment of the composer in ASC was the successful Memorandum of Agreement signing to obtain 107 hectare land from MLGU of Lydia Pudtol as a research and laboratory area for the agriculture department.

Likewise, 1,000 hectares of land in Eva Garden, Calanasan, Apayao was made part of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of Calanasan for the ASC laboratory and research area dubbed as Biodiversity Research and Development (BIRD) Center for the Forestry department.

Further, for the last three years, completed researches of the college have gained recognition both in regional, national and international level.

This is apart from the approved funding for the construction of multi-storey buildings in both Luna and Conner campuses which are now currently being implemented. According to the composer however attribute this success to the teamwork and concerted efforts of the ASC stakeholders for quality assurance and the trust and confidence of the parents, communities and oversight agencies including their high regards to quality education and sense of respect to the institution .

The composer also said in an interview that the song ‘Your song is our song’ sprung from the excellent effort of Mr. Wesley Duran in developing the College Information, Monitoring and Evaluation System (CIMES).

During the CIMES first year of operation, it has facilitated efficiency in the delivery of services in terms of enrollment and student information, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and monitoring of operations at the different levels of management. CIMES was donated by Duran’s family after his demise in March 2015.

“I believe, with the songs This is the place to go back to, This love will never fade away and See through the mountain, Dr. Dacyon’s dedication to the Iyapayaos is a continuous blessing. This song will surely echo like how she desires to be of service to the Apayao people in one way or another,” Jaylord Agpuldo, another band member said.

Dacyon said that the said songs were specially composed for the people and officialdom of Apayao headed by Governor Elias C. Bulut Jr. and Congresswoman Eleonor Bulut Begtang; the ASC officials, faculty, staff and students, parents and communities , friends who are “hard to find” , supporters and all those whom she considers as inspiration in her stay in Apayao.

“It took her time to pull together these wonderful compositions. It will take more time for these masterpieces to be forgotten,” Agpuldo added. Earlier in January, Dacyon turned over the college administration to its new College President, Dr. Nelia Z. Cauilan. Meanwhile, the group also shared their experience during the recording of the album.

Chester Tuazon, the bassist, said it was a challenge for them to integrate folk, pop, slow rock, and country music genres in a single collection. “We may not have the state-of-the art recording facilities but we promise to bring you the best of our hearts,” Barney, one of the lead guitarists, avowed.

The group said that after the official launching concert which will be held on February 21, 2018 in Cowboys Town music bar in La Trinidad, Benguet, series of concerts will soon be conducted and proceeds of which will benefit selected Civil Society Organizations and People’s Organizations among others.

“To all those who have already committed to sponsor our upcoming concerts, the song Coffee and friends is tossed to you,” said Dacyon.

Earlier, the said group told that this song was made as a background music of the NEDA facilitated 1st Coffee Summit between the academe and industry held in 2015 at the Benguet State University in collaboration with the LGUs, CARASUC, CHED.

By laylord Agpuldo