Adjusting to the New Normal

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Things definitely will not be back to normal at least in the immediate future. The deadly threat of the virus has disrupted almost everyone lives. All of a sudden, we were all under house arrest by an unseen invader. Our old routines are altered drastically and most likely affect our decisions and plans in life as we face tomorrow. Strolling in the mall is no longer a way to spend the Sunday afternoon. It became a dreaded activity. Going for a walk and taking time to smell the roses is no longer recommended. When we are lazy or too tired to cook at home for dinner, we usually eat out. Now, we are having second thoughts even though we are restlessly craving for the food that we love to eat. How unfortunate that I have no interest in cooking.

Since the invisible virus is still out there, we must ever be vigilant and not let our guard down. We are not even sure that our homes are the safest place on earth but at least, it is a manageable territory to wage war against an unseen enemy. Sometimes, I’m even hoping that someone will be able to invent a gadget similar to a night vision goggle that can detect the location of the virus. Anyways, for the ever resilient Filipino that we are, we find ways to make things just like the way they are. I believe all of us are praying that things will be back the way it used to be.

We actually don’t know what will happen next after this pandemic will be over, that is, if it will be over. So, I guess we have to make adjustments accordingly. Since face to face activities are discouraged, there is a greater reliance to technology and the internet to do our works and businesses. Therefore, there a need to upgrade our skills in that area. That is important in whatever kind of work we are into whether we are professionals or businessmen.

In the matter of survival, we have to shift our priorities from what we desperately wanted to what we essentially need. There will no longer be a debate on need versus want. Right now, our basic needs are our priorities. We have to ensure that the supply of those needs will not run out. During those days of staying at home, I realized that I don’t need a lot of stuff. Simple living, it’s what they say.

A lot of opinions about this virus come out here and there and it is adding anxiety and confusion to the already exasperated and to some extent, depressed populace. Some say, this will last for a few more years. Others even predict that there will be another virus more deadly than COVID – 19. Then we have conspiracy theories stating that China is actually in possession of a vaccine but not bringing just yet. And another theory comes out every day.

What is true however, is that China was able to sell millions of PPEs worldwide. What is true is that, companies are closing due to bankruptcy and people are losing jobs. What is true is that, some countries were able to curb the spread of the virus while in other countries, the number of cases continue to rise.

So, we better stay at home, be safe, plant camote and become an online seller.

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