A Woman’s Role to a Man’s Success


At a conference, I was asked to ask a question and so I did. I threw the question to Robin Sieger, a world-class reputation as a conference keynoter and the author of the international bestseller Natural Born Leaders.

At an earlier question, he shared that one of the most courageous act he did was to finally tell the woman of her dreams what he felt for her. I asked him, “How important is the role of a woman to a man’s success?”

It may sound an old question but I asked for his insight still. He answered it very well. I am not going to quote him here as I wasn’t able to jot down every word he said. But my take away from his answer is this: The role of a woman to a man’s success is very important. You see successful men around the world and behind them or with them is a woman who supported them in the process. I would advise you to find and marry one. (These are my words inspired by his answer.)

I suppose the role of a man to a woman’s success is also the same. A man and woman comes together to love and support each other.

The Three M’s in a Man’s Life…

Edric Mendoza, lead anchor of ANC’s On the Money, shared to me the three M’s in a man’s life: master, mission, and mate. And it should be in that order.

First, identify your Master. That is none other than God.

Second, pursue your mission. How are you going to serve your Master?

Third, meet your mate. This comes after you identify your Master and mission.

If I may interpret it, you are to love your mate. And in the process, that mate (and you to her) shall support you in the furtherance of your mission in serving your Master.

I learned that your partner should bring you closer to God (your Master). This should be one of the non-negotiables that you look for in a life partner.

The Two Important Lists…

But Chris, “I’m still single.” you may ask. So here you go –

Relationship experts advise single people to list down what they are looking for in a partner. There should be a list of “non-negotiables” – those that has to be present, or else; for example, she should love God and of the same faith as me. On the other hand, there should also be a list of “negotiables” – those that you wanted to be there but may be negotiated or taken away from the list if circumstances demand; for example, she should love music and can sing.

Let these lists be your guide in looking for the one. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Be the One…

Successful men with great marriages say that before you look for the one, be the one.

While we list down the things we are looking for our life partner, we should also strive to be the person that we describe in the list. If we are looking for this person who has to be so good, then we should be that good.

Indeed, do not look for the one, be the one.

Thus, a woman’s role to a man’s life is very important. And so is the role of the man to a woman’s. The bottom line is that both shall further each other’s mission in the furtherance of the service to the Master.

These things may sound so grand and far from the usual. It may be.

But great men of success give these treasure chests of advice. Do you think we should listen to them? I think we should.

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