5,630 motorists apprehended for various violations

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BAGUIO CITY – Some five thousand six hundred thirty motorists from the different parts of the region were apprehended by personnel of the Cordillera office of the Land Transportation Office (LTO-CAR) for various violations ranging from light to grave during the first semester of this year.

LTO-CAR regional director Francis Ray Almora disclosed that the common violation of motorists is their failure to wear their seatbelt with some 2,510 individuals being apprehended and fined for such violation.

Further, some 564 motorists were also apprehended for their alleged failure to carry with them the required certificate of registration and official receipt of their motor vehicles and their driver’s license.

Based on the semestral report of the LTO-CAR, some 490 motorists were apprehended by LTO-CAR personnel for driving an unregistered motor vehicle while 468 individuals who were issued non-professional driver’s license were caught for alleged reckless driving.

On the other hand, some 398 motorists were found to have been driving their motor vehicles without valid driver’s licenses while 392 motorists were found to have been operating motor vehicles with defective parts.

According to the report, some 136 motorists were found to have violated regulations on motor vehicle registration while 96 motorists were apprehended by enforcers for allegedly disregarding traffic signs.

Moreover, 91 motorists were collared after having found that the driver or rider of the motor vehicle did not wear the appropriate helmet for their protection.

The LTO-CAR personnel also apprehended some 79 motorists for having in their motor vehicles improper plate stickers while 71 motorists were collared for alleged smoke-belching.

Director Almora revealed that 66 motorists were apprehended for failing to require their passengers to wear their prescribed seatbelts.

He stipulated that some 38 motorists were cited for alleged failure to provide canvass cover for their motor vehicles while 35 motorists were apprehended for unauthorized motor vehicle modifications.

Another 34 motorists were caught for alleged obstruction while 30 motorists were charged for violation of the existing anti-destructed driving law.

Some 17 motorists were caught for illegal parking, 14 motorists were found to have load extended beyond the projected width, 13 motorists were found to be operating with defective parts, 13 motorists were said to have breached their issued franchises, 10 motorists drivers who were issued professional license were found to have committed reckless driving and allowed passengers to be on top of motor vehicles, 10 motorists were caught operating motor vehicles with defective parts, 9 motorists were caught having axle overloading, 4 motorists were found to have been driving under the influence of liquor, motor vehicle carrying more passengers, overcharging and undercharging, employing reckless driving and no driver’s license carried, 3 motorists were said to be operating colorum vans, 2 motorists were issued professional driver’s license and were found to be driving under the influence of liquor, no carried certificate of public convenience, improper body markings, among others. By HENT