4,000 Tublay households to get 3rd wave of relief assistance

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TUBLAY, Benguet  – More than 4,000 households from the town’s barangays will  receive the third wave of relief assistance from the municipal government as soon as the procured goods are delivered on the municipality.

Mayor Armando Lauro said that the municipal government distributed relief goods to the households in the barangays twice during the implementation of the Luzonwide enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to allow them to cope with the heavy impact of the prevailing crisis, especially to their economic activities and sources of livelihood.

He added the third wave of relief assistance to be distributed will be composed of several kilos of rice, canned goods, and other important items that could be used by the residents as they try to cope the heavy impact of the prevailing crisis to their living condition.

The municipal mayor admitted that the implementation of the ECQ changed the way of life of the people in the different barangays because the production of agricultural crops have been affected by the strict implementation of policies governing the quarantine period.

According to him, the municipal government distributed relief goods to the households in the municipality twice in the past, but local officials want to ensure that their constituents will not continue to suffer from the effects of the quarantine period, thus, the third wave of relief assistance to ensure they will be ready to face the new normal situation once the prevailing GCQ status of Benguet will be downgraded to modified GCQ and eventually to the new normal where most restrictions will be gradually lifted.

Mayor Mauro expressed his gratitude to all donors, both individuals and groups, that allowed the municipal government to continue providing the needed relief assistance to the heavily impacted residents in the different barangays who rely on the support from concerned government agencies and the municipal government for survival.

He claimed the municipal government had to source out the needed funds to augment the Bayanihan grant from the national government to be able to purchase the required rice supply for the relief goods distributed to the households.

Lauro appealed to the residents to make do with the relief goods from the third wave of relief assistance as that is what the municipal government can afford after pooling its available resources, apart from the donations from responsive individuals and groups.

He also expressed his gratitude to the barangay officials and volunteers for their timely and immediate response to the call from the municipal government for support in the identification of the beneficiaries of the relief goods and the eventual distribution of the same as part of the overall efforts of the government to help the impacted residents in coping with the prevailing crisis situation.

Tublay is one of the 12 municipalities in the province that are free from the dreaded Corona virus Disease (COVI) 2019 that had significantly affected the different countries of the world being a global pandemic.

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