400 get cash aid from Cayetano, allies

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BAGUIO CITY – Some four hundred beneficiaries from the city and other key cities from Northern Luzon recently received P10,000 each from former House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano and his allies in Congress as part of the ongoing effort to advance his 10K Ayuda para sa Pag-asa.

Further, some 100 commenters on the program’s Facebook live stream also received financial assistance from the lawmaker.

Prior to the distribution of the P10,000 assistance to the identified beneficiaries, a pre-show called ‘The Ayuda Bayanihan Caravan’ was aired on Cayetano’s official Facebook page. A ‘Sugod Bahay’ beneficiary and 10 Facebook commenters received their cash aid in advance at the Baguio Convention Center.

Cayetano, his wife Taguig-Pateros Rep. Lani Cayetano and their allies, were joined by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong during the distribution of the financial assistance to the identified recipients.

Aside from Baguio City, the other beneficiaries of the P10,000 assistance came from La Union and Pangasinan.

Launched on May 1, 2021, The Sampung Libong Pag-asa campaign takes off from Cayetano’s economic recovery plan, which seeks to distribute cash aid to Filipino families to help them purchase their basic needs and provide income amidst the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic that heavily impacted on jobs, economic activities and sources of livelihood worldwide.

The program has since distributed cash aid to more than 3,600 Filipinos, most of whom have invested a part of their assistance to jumpstart their small businesses.

Cayetano urged the recipients of the cash assistance to use this to revive their heavily impacted economic activities and sources of livelihood towards sustaining and improving their families’ lives and cope up with the serious negative effects of the ongoing pandemic.

Cayetano’s group is going around the country to distribute the financial assistance that has been generated from donors and to advance his program on the 10K Ayuda para sa Pag-asa, as well as give Filipino families the opportunity to bring back the vibrance of their economic activities and be able to earn the needed income for their respective families.

The former House Speaker expressed his gratitude to the donors who continuously provide the needed support for the continuity of the program because without them, the same might not be sustained up to its present state.

He claimed that the influx of donors for the program is surprising because as they distribute the financial assistance to the identified beneficiaries, the more donations that they received to be able to continue extending the P10,000 cash aid to the identified beneficiaries from the appropriate beneficiaries of the same and that the distribution of such assistance will continue for as long as there will be willing donors to keep it going. By HENT