36 CJA, YMCA-KAITAGI Judokas get promotions


BAGUIO CITY – Thirty six Judokas got rank promotions after the final stage of evaluation the Judokas’ examination results conducted last December 2017 at the YMCA, here, was concluded.

The call to order for the rank promotions of judokas of the YMCA-KAITAGI Judo was called through recommendations of Sensei Wilfredo Dino to the Cordillera Judo Association. The recommendation and participation in the said promotional examinations is a requirement set by the International Judo Federation (IJF), and the Philippine Judo Federation (PJF) for promotion to higher ranks.

Promoted to “Yellow Belt” were; 1st degree – Sophia Aquino, David Sampaga, Jesry Ales, Adam Sampaga, Paul Aquino, and Daphne Abella. 2nd degree: Paglaya De Villa, Ulysses Addug, Phoenix Addug, and Zuni Arzadon. 3rd deg.  Zachary Pineda and Yngo Ramoz.

Promoted to “Orange Belt” 2nd deg.; were Jhamiel Busacay, Skyler Martin, Satvey Immaya Pangket, and Nikita Guzman while promoted to “Green Belt” were; 3rd Kyu Kaye Ales, Elquiko Quelino,Gael Alberto Vll. 1st Kyu promotes were; Mikee Ian Trinidad, Mariah Christine Pauly, and Seth Theodore Pineda.

Promoted to “Blue Belt” were 3rd kyu Pag-ibig De Villa, Jaiacynth Pecay, Nichole Makie, and Richie Biay. For 3rd Kyu “Brown Belt”; Tomlinson Baniwas, Vance Bobis while automatic promotions were awarded to Axel Allan, River Baniwas and PJ Taguiling, with Patrick Bin-ong promoted to 2nd kyu brown belt.

Aithana Caranto was likewise promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt while Kiffer Dumawa has yet to complete his Kata performance this February 2018 for promotion.

The promotional examinations was in accordance to the International and Philippine Judo standards that covers Judo ethics from salutation, conduct and discipline, dojo decorum, uniform and belt as well as personal hygiene. It also included judo exercises like proper warm up and cooling down exercises, stretching and specialised Judo exercises.

“Ukemi” included the actual rolling and falling techniques, diving and Judo gymnastics, “Nage Waza”(standing) or the practice of throwing techniques from minor to major throws as well as throw combination techniques. “Newaza” (ground techniques), included pin-down techniques, arm locks, chocking, and combination techniques.

Movement and balance considered timing and speed in “randori” form (sparing) was also included.

Senior rank Judokas from 1st brown to 1st Dan black belt, had their time also performing the “Kata” in two forms the “Katame-no-Kata and Nage-no-Kata” forming part of the examinations.

Members of the promotions committee who conducted the promotion examinations were Sensei Irene Cayabyab, Sensei Francine Rillera, Sensei Florangel Rillera and CJA Promotions Committee Chair and Regional Coach Sensei Ferdinand Cudao.