2020 Baguio events in pictures

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Banner photo by Armando M. Bolislis

OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES OF THE SEMESTER – Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, Faustino A. Olowan, and members of the Baguio City Council awarded the Seventeen (17) First and Second Level Employees nominated as Outstanding Employees of the semester today, 7 September 2020 at the Baguio City Hall Grounds. Computer Operator Patrick V. Vinluan, First Level Awardee, and Information System Analyst Francis L. Camarao Second Level Awardee, of the City Mayor’s Office, are awarded as the Outstanding Employee of the Semester from January to June 2020. Photos by Neil Clark Ongchangco, 09/13/20
Baguio City Police Office receives two brand new vehicles from Philippine National Police headquarters to augment law enforcement capability against criminal activities. Baguio City Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong facilitated the delivery of the vehicles from PNPChief Gen. Archie Gamboa. The vehicles were presented during the flag raising ceremony and celebration of the 119th Police Service Anniversary on Monday August 24, 2020 at Wright Park, Baguio City. Photo by Neil Clark Ongchangco, 08/30/20
The city’s containment center at Teacher’s Camp is regularly subjected to disinfection by the Baguio City Sanitation team led by Engr. Charles Carame. Seven rooms were sanitized by the team on July 1, 2020. The containment facility serves returning OFWs and contacts of COVID-19 patients who need to undergo quaratine. Photo by Cheran Odsey, 07/05/20
ALTERNATIVE PESTICIDE – Instead of commercial pesticide, an urban gardener, like many who joined the Baguio Survival Garden Contest, uses a concoction of ‘sili’ and garlic mixed in used laundry water instead. Photo by Gaby Keith, 07/05/20
COVID BUSTER-Baguio City Health Office deploys more personnel for disinfection and contact tracing to contain the spread of COVID-19. Photo credits to Dr. Donna Tubera-Panes, 06/21/20
Honesty cart – Baguio City residents are best known for their honesty and they are living up to expectations despite the pandemic if the output of the honesty cart project is to be the gauge. 06/21/20
Baguio city’s Lead Contact Tracing Team, one of the country’s best, are working overtime mapping out the contacts of the city’s latest COVID-19 patients. The team wastes no time “because every second counts, all lives count” Photo by Dr. Donnabel Tubera, 06/21/20
GHOST TOWN – Baguio City and La Trinidad have seen great success in containing the spread of COVID-19 as shown by the deafening silence of this usually busy and crowded section of Magsaysay Avenue during the community quarantine period. Photo taken 6:30 PM, Saturday, June 13, 2020 by Armando M. Bolislis, 06/14/20

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GOLDEN MOON – The moon appeared to be golden yellow as it hovered Baguio skies early evening of June 7, 2020.  Astronomers explained this usually happens when the moon is low in the sky and seen through a greater thickness of Earth’s atmosphere than when it’s overhead. The atmosphere filters out the bluer wavelengths of white moonlight and allows the red component of moonlight to travel straight through to the viewer’s eyes, making appear to be dark yellow to red. Photo by Armando M. Bolislis, 06/07/20.
Baguio residents still maintained physical distancing in long lines for jeepney rides
CITY CONCERNS – Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong and Baguio City Police OFFICE (BCPO) City Director Col. Allen Rae F. Co discuss pertinent issues and concerns on the implementation of the general community quarantine OGCQ) in Baguio City. Rosalia T. See, 05/24/20
The take-out food policy on restaurants during the ECQ and GCQ is helping food delivery riders to have income during this time health crises. JBM, 05/17/20

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Kayang Extension Barangay in Baguio City harvests their lettuce from their urban garden program. The seeds were provided by the Baguio City Veterinary office- Agricultural Services Division as a support in the promotion of urban gardening as an alternative source of food during the enhance community quarantine. Photo credits to Kayang Extension Barangay, 05/10/20
Baguio City Police Office personnel strictly enforces the no quarantine pass no entry at the public market. JBM, 05/10/20
ECQ COMPLIANT- Baguio residents have generally been complying with the “Stay at Home” policy of the Enhanced Community Quarantine as evidenced by the darkness of usually lit up central business district and zero travelers along the usually busy Camdas inetersection and Magsaysay Avenue. May 7, 2020, 9:00 PM Photo by Armando M. Bolislis
The Supermoon shines brightly over Baguio City on May 7 night. 05/07/20. Photo by Armando M. Bolislis

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Baguio City conducts regular flushing that aims to maintain the cleanliness of the city’s public market. JBM, 05/03/20
BARANGAY-BASED VOLUNTEERS GETS HELP- Donors facilitated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) turnover donated items to barangay-based streetsweepers and volunteers. Witnessing the turnover are City General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan and Magsaysay Private Road Punong Barangay Dhebbie Banagui. Rosalia T. See, 04/26/20
NOT THE USUAL SAMARITANS – Many unexpected heroes sprouted during this times of difficulty. It is good to know that the expected good samaritans, in fantasy that is, come to life as this “Batman and Superman” duo ride their bikes loaded with goods intended for distribution to members of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors in Baguio. Photo by Rosalia T. See, 04/19/20
Churches in the city of Baguio heed the call of the government to cancel all mass gatherings as part of mitigating measures against Corona virus. JBM, 04/12/20

Baguio residents rush to the fish section of the public market to buy their needs in time for Holy Week. JBM, 04/12/20
SURVIVAL – Some residents of Baguio continue their income generating activities while the enhance community quarantine is being strictly imposed due to Coronavirus. JBM. 04/05/20
KEEP DISTANCE – Baguio City market vendors implement social distancing as a contribution for the containment of Coronavirus Disease. Joe Manzano, 03/29/20
LOCKDOWN- Some sections of the Baguio Public Market are not allowed to open due the enhanced community quarantine. Photo by Joseph Manzano, 03/29/20