20 “work from home” jobs Filipino job hunters should be checking at Mynimo

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Online jobs have been around for almost as long as the internet has been in the Philippines. However, it wasn’t until the maturation of video call technologies in the 2000s that more local businesses began to slowly incorporate “work-from-home” or “telecommuting” arrangements into their way of doing business.

Today, thanks to the wider availability of stable internet connections and the unexpected push provided by COVID-19 Pandemic, online jobs likely to remain a major part of the Philippine professional landscape for years to come. Here are some online jobs offered by Philippines-based businesses right now:

1.) App development specialist

The phrase “there’s an app for that” gives just a small clue at how important apps are for our current way of life. Most app development jobs, whether they involve front end, back end, or full-stack work, can be done from home. Even office-bound positions typically allow some telecommuting.

2.) Data analyst

Thanks to an ever-expanding IT infrastructure in the Philippines, jobs related to data analysis and data science are now mostly work-from-home, with a few site and office visits for presentations, if at all.

3.) ESL tutor

The Philippines has long been a popular destination for our regional neighbors to brush up on their English skills. Today, English as a Second Language (ESL) jobs have largely moved online, thanks to the travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

4.) Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the “classic” work-from-home jobs. It’s also one of the foundations of virtually every marketing campaign. The demand for expert copywriting is only going to increase with the growth of different ventures in the Philippines.

5.) Graphic artist / Graphic designer

Graphic artists and designers have long been working from home, at least part of the time. The situation is not likely to change in the immediate future.

6.) SEO specialist

With so many things competing for our attention online, businesses have long used search engine optimization (SEO) experts to game, or at least, harness search engines to their advantage. Due to the very nature of the job, work-from-home arrangements are feasible so long as the SEO specialists can collaborate closely with the marketing team.

7.) Data entry specialist

Data entry is more important than it appears on the surface, as it’s often a requirement for businesses to be able to harness valuable data, to begin with. Not all data entry can be automated, and there’s plenty of opportunities for human data entry workers out there.

7.) Transcriptionist

There is a huge demand for legal, medical, and corporate transcription services in the United States, where written records are often mandated by local laws. Artificial intelligence is not quite ready to take on the task as even the best AI solutions still have serious issues with transcribing non-standard accents and verbal quirks that humans can easily pick out. The Filipino familiarity with Americanisms and accents ensures that these kinds of jobs will continue to be widely available.

 8.) Customer service specialist

CSR jobs are now moving out of the office and into the home en masse. If you have a decent computer and an OK internet connection, these positions will be easy to find.

9.) Translator

The Philippines has hundreds of local languages and dialects. As an emerging market, there is now an ever-increasing demand for content translated into these languages. Who wouldn’t want to work with their mother tongue?

10.) Researcher

Finding some things involves more than just Googling. If you have the knack for academic work and enjoy looking through white papers and studies, these positions might be right for you.

11.) Accounting specialist

Bookkeeping and accounting jobs are regularly available on a work-from-home basis. While there might be some site visits and audits, generally speaking, a lot of the work can be done from home.

12.) B2B account manager

With the explosion in the numbers of new startups and businesses, the value of specialized B2B (business to business) marketing is only just starting to be realized. If you have empathy, are good at logical thinking, and are an effective communicator, you might have the makings of a crack B2B account manager. Maybe one that works from home!

13.) Search engine marketing

Running effective paid search engine ads is an art and a science in itself. Thankfully, it’s an art and a science that can be mostly done from home.

14.) Telemarketer

As with other jobs that were traditionally housed in contact centers, telemarketers are increasingly doing their jobs from home. Just make sure you have a quiet place to do your job in.

15.) Technical support specialist

Depending on the type of technical support being offered, many of these types of jobs are increasingly being done from home as well.

16.) Animator

Animators don’t just make cartoons these days. Animation is now a central part of social media and video marketing. As with many other jobs, agency, in-house, and freelance animators are increasingly working out of their homes rather than in the confines of an animation studio.

17.) Social media specialist

Social media work is one of the most commonly outsourced jobs you can find on most job listing sites today. Social media specialists may not always work that many hours per client, but savvier ones can maximize their time and get a significant income by working for multiple clients at once.

18.) Editor

Many writers admittedly need editors to reign them in and keep their writing to a specified standard. If you’ve got an eye for detail, a mind that abhors illogic, and don’t mind bruising a few egos, there’s always going to be an editorial job for you.

19.) Virtual assistant

As the name implies, these jobs are almost completely online. And like real-world assistants, you’ll sometimes be surprised at what you’re doing next.

 20.) App tester

Thorough testing is often what separates a killer app from a total dud. App tester jobs are among the most widely available on Philippine job sites today, with positions available for all kinds of software, from business applications to video games.


Online jobs are more varied than you might expect. So long as you have access to the needed hardware and a stable internet connection, you can work at the job of your dreams, right in your very own home. Good luck on your next job hunt!

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