179 hired on the spot in Charter Day jobs fair


BAGUIO CITY – Some one hundred seventy nine applicants were hired on the spot by different local and overseas employment agencies during the conduct of the Charter Day jobs fair last Saturday at the Baguio City High School gymnasium.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan reported that 176 of those who were hired on the spot were employed by local companies that joined the jobs fair while 3 hurdled the stringent requirements for overseas employment offered by the participating overseas employment agencies.

He noted that there were a total of 1,017 applicants for local employment while there were 680 job seekers for employment opportunities abroad.

Further, there were 729 applicants who were qualified for the available local jobs while there were 318 applicants that initially hurdled the stringent screening for overseas employment which were imposed by the participating overseas employment agencies.

Based on the data obtained from the city’s Public Employment Services Office (PESO), there were 28 local companies and 12 overseas employment agencies that joined the whole day jobs fair which was primarily spearheaded by the local government and the Cordillera office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-CAR).

The annual Charter Day jobs fair is one of the activities being lined up by the local government for the month-long celebration of the Charter of Baguio City which was approved by the Philippine Commission on September 1, 1909.

Domogan called on the lucky job seekers who were hired on the spot to strive for the best in the performance of their assigned duties and responsibilities by their employers while those who were not given the chance to be employed to continue seeking for possible employment because there are many jobs that are available in the different government and private offices in the city.

Aside from the Charter Day jobs fair, the local government and the DOLE-CAR previously partnered for the annual conduct of the Labor Day jobs fair every May 1 and the kalayan Day jobs fair every June 12 in time for the celebration of the country’s independence from its colonizers.

Domogan expressed the gratitude of the local government to the participating local companies and overseas employment agencies for having hired qualified residents of the city considering that they were able to contribute in providing people with sustainable sources of livelihood that will the availability of sources of livelihood for their families.

Of the 176 job seekers that were hired on the spot, 96 were females while 80 were males. The 3 applicants that were hired on the spot for overseas employment were all females.

Of the 1,017 applicants for local employment, 565 were females and 452 were males while of the 680 overseas job applicants, 358 were males and 322 were females.

The city mayor assured residents that the local government will continue to venture in partnerships with various private and public companies to continue sourcing out their manpower to qualified residents of the city who are seeking for greener pasture in the available jobs that are being offered to them.

By Dexter A. See