1,080 students get aid from Benguet Caretaker

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Some thousand eighty students from the province’s one hundred forty barangays were able to receive their financial assistance from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) under the Youth Assistance Program (YAP) of Benguet Caretaker Congressman and Anti-Crime and Terrorism through Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) Party-list Rep. Eric Go Yap.

Earlier, Yap, who chairs the powerful House Committee on Appropriations, pushed for the provision of financial assistance to some 7 deserving students from each of the province’s 140 barangays to be recipients of the benefits under the YAP that will be lodged under the CHED.

Under the YAP, qualified indigent students will be receiving a substantial financial assistance every semester from the CHED for their education needs even during the prevalence of the community quarantine.

The lawmaker assured that the beneficiaries were appropriately screened by the Benguet Congressional District and the CHED so that deserving students will be the actual recipients of the aforesaid financial assistance.

Congressman Yap claimed the financial assistance for deserving students from the province is just part of the numerous waves of aid that will be extended to the different sectors not only for the remainder of the year but also in the coming years while he will be the legislative caretaker.

According to him, ensuring that deserving indigent students can acquire higher levels of education is a worthy investment on the part of the government because it will be the future graduates that will sustain the efforts of the present leaders in bringing the province and the country to greater heights.

He agreed to the contention of most people that education is the best inheritance parents and guardians could give their children and their wards as this cannot be easily taken away from them and that they could use their acquired knowledge to have better lives.

The Benguet Caretaker Congressman stipulated that the identified beneficiaries of the YAP have been selected in close coordination with the punong barangays as he wants to empower the barangay officials to play an active role in bringing to the attention of the higher level of bureaucracy and concerned government agencies issues and concerns that need appropriate action from the said offices.

He underscored that what the wants to inculcate to the present batch of leaders in the province is for them to have a harmonious working relationship being part of the United Benguet team that will sustain efforts in elevating Benguet to greater heights in the midst of the prevailing health pandemic.

He rallied concerned sectors to continue bringing to his attention issues and concerns that must be given timely action so that he will be the one to follow-up the action of the concerned government agencies on such problems that will be brought to them for immediate action.