P100 million allotted for Benguet waterworks projects

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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Some P100 million was earmarked by the public works department for the construction of various waterworks projects provincewide to help provide residents easier access to potable water supply right in their homes.

Speaking before the people and officialdom of the municipality during the inauguration of the newly rehabilitated stage of the Mankayan National High and the turnover of multipurpose vehicles to the town’s 6 upland barangays, Yap, who chairs the powerful House Committee on Appropriations, stated that one of the major issues and concerns brought to his attention by barangays residents is their alleged inability to access sufficient supply of potable water that makes their life difficult.

Initially, the lawmaker claimed that for next year’s budget, P50 million will be allocated for the various waterworks projects in the province’s first district while the remaining P50 million will be used for the programmed waterworks projects in the second district.

Congressman Yap stipulated the waterworks projects had been included by the public works department under its proposed budget for next year.

For irrigation purposes, the caretaker congressman assured the different irrigators associations in the different municipalities of available funds in the 2022 budget for the continuous implementation of community irrigation systems that will guarantee stable water supply for potential irrigable lands in the various parts of the province.

According to him, there will be more waterworks projects in the different parts of the province that will be included in the proposed 2022 annual budget for more people in the remote villages of the province to have access to potable water to sustain their daily water needs.

He asserted he wants to bring to the province as the appointed legislative caretaker up to 2022 genuine public service that is why he wants to make sure that residents will have access to the enormous services of the concerned government agencies and the development projects being implemented that will spur countryside development.

Congressman Yap asserted he has embraced the culture and traditions of the Igorots that is why he is proud to be called an Igorot even without any tribe to belong and he respects the time-honored practices of the indigenous peoples that had been passed on to the present and future generations.

Yap assured the people of Benguet he will continue to make the appropriate representations with the concerned government agencies and the private sector for the provision of assistance to the province to bring services and projects to the grassroots level to make people feel the presence of government right in their midst.

Photo by Armando M. Bolislis