Tricycle drivers, operators  clean Bontoc Road


BONTOC, Mountain Province – Armed only with their broom sticks and bottles of zonrox mixed with water, at least 80 tricycle operators and drivers in this capital town cleaned and swept the thoroughfare of Poblacion, Bontoc.

Without hesitation, the tricycle operators and drivers started their community clean-up drive in front of the Bontoc Municipal Capitol going to Circle Rotunda on January 14, 2019.

The clean-up drive was facilitated by the Bontoc Municipal Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (BMTFRB) that is authorize to issue franchise to tricycle for it to operate as a public transport .

According to Danay Aquino, the Secretariat of the BMTFRB,  they focused on cleaning, brushing and sweeping portions of the road that were tainted with spit of betel nut (momma) and scattered cigarette butts and plastics along the sidewalk of the street.

Per observation,  there are those who refused to help and chose to go on with their daily routine ferrying passengers to and from the end point of the central town.

Despite this, Aquino expressed her happiness and gratitude to those who participated in the activity for giving at least two hours of their busy schedules to help in the cleanliness of the street in Bontoc.

She likewise thanked the Bontoc Municipal Fire Station for volunteering its fire truck and personnel for the flushing of water along the road.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey who also chairs the BMTFRB was delighted of the action undertaken by the tricycle operators and drivers saying that it is indeed a good act of volunteerism and concern for a clean environment.

Odsey hopes that this will be a continuing activity, adding that it will encourage others to do the same.

Relative to this, the mayor reminded everyone to comply with the “No Spitting of Momma Anywhere” in consonance to a municipal ordinance that prohibits and penalizes unsanitary acts within the municipality.

“This is our own town, thus, we must take the lead in advocating a clean Bontoc. Momma chewers should bring their own spitting bottle and dispose this properly to avoid spitting of betel nut juice on our street. The cleanliness and tidiness of our streets, public buildings and public conveyances reflect our attitude in compliance to the ordinance,” he mentioned.

Municipal Ordinance No. 125, s. 2008 prohibits the spitting of momma or momma juice/ concoction /material in any place other than in his private and personal spitting receptacle which must be carried in his person and in a manner that poses no inconvenience or disapproval from other people; and disposing of any momma material or spit unsanitary sight thereat or that evokes disapproval from other people.

In addition, no establishment, residence or place shall be found having its trash receptacle or its premises tainted with traces or indications of momma material. Also, the respective owner, operator, or occupant of establishments, residences, or place of business like vehicle parking/loading areas and retail stands/stalls, shall be held fully accountable for the desirable sanitations of their respective places pursuant to the provision of the ordinance.

Violator of this ordinance shall be fined P500.00 for the 1st Offense, P750.00 for the 2nd Offense and P1, 000.00 for the 3rd and succeeding offenses.

To further strengthen the implementation of the ordinance, barangay officials and the Green Police were given the authority by the municipal government to apprehend and issue citation ticket to anyone who violates the ordinance.

By Alpine L. Killa