Opening of 3rd FMR in Kalinga to boost local coffee industry

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PINUKPUK, Kalinga – The province of Kalinga continues to shine for its people as local officials led by Governor Jocel Baac, spearheaded the ceremonial opening and blessing of another multi-million farm-to-market road (FMR) here, today.

The ceremonial opening and blessing of the Catabbogan – Wagud Farm-to-Market Road (FMR) located along the “Cal-owan line” here was held on February 11, 2019.

“With   87 percent   accomplishment,   the   13.2-kilometer   FMR   is   expected   to   be completed   this coming month of March,”   said Engr.  Domingo A.   Bakilan, Provincial Agriculturist   and   head   of   the   Provincial   Project   Management   and Implementing Unit (PPMIU) during   the   program   held   in   barangay Ammacian.

Funded   under   the   Department   of   Agriculture’s   Philippine   Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP), the Catabbogan-Wagud FMR is the 3rd implemented   FMR   subproject   of   the   province   in   support   to   the   local coffee industry.

It   has a total project   cost   of   P217.3   million jointly shared by the World   Bank 80 percent, the National Government through the DA 10 percent and the Provincial LGU of Kalinga 10 percent.

“Manu   nga   dekada   en   ti   napalabas   nga   nu   aglugan   ka   magapo   ditoy inggana  Tabuk  ket   ad-ado  pay  ti   pagnaem  nu  ti   pagluganam  (Several decades have passed wherein walking is longer than riding when travelling to Tabuk City   from   here),”   shared   Domingo   Lagayon,   Chairman   of   barangay Malagnat as he expressed his gratitude for the construction of the road.

Benefiting around 1,428 households or 7,712 population, the road project covers barangay Catabbogan, Malagnat, Taggay, Ammacian and Wagud of Pinukpuk and barangay Sacpil of the municipality of Conner, Apayao.

“Nabayag nga gagar tayo ti panaka-simento na daytoy nga kalsada ket tatta nga inmagpayso ket aramiden tayo kuma ti rumbeng (The concreting of this road was long awaited and we should do our roles now that it’s here),” urged Pinukpuk Mayor Irving B. Dasayon as he encouraged the residents to be more productive in providing for the needs of their families.

Dasayon further said that this project is a result of the cooperative efforts from the   DA,   the   LGU   and   the beneficiaries hence   it should   be   used   for   its purpose and not to be exploited by lawless elements.

“We   remain   as   your   partner   in   providing   development   initiatives   for progress and pledge to continue doing it,” he added.

DA-CAR Regional Technical Director Danilo   P. Daguio   in   his   message pointed out three contributing factors for Kalinga’s smooth implementation of   PRDP   subprojects:   cooperation   among   beneficiaries,   strong   support from local officials, and strong and effective governance.

“Nu  ada  ti  kalsada  nga  napintas,  ad-ado pay   ti   umay  nga   suporta, serbisyo   ken oportunidad ditoy ayan yo  (if there is a good road, more support services and opportunities will follow),” added Daguio.

The chairmen   of   the   barangays   covered   by   the   FMR   subproject, for their part, expressed their commitment for the maintenance and monitoring of the FMR.

Governor Jocel C. Baac   also   expressed   his   gratefulness   for everyone’s effort for the realization of the FMR subproject.

“Naaramid   daytoy   gapu   iti   pinag-kaykaysa   tayo   isunga   isu   ti   theme   ti founding anniversary tayo tadta nga tawen (This was realized through our unity which is also the theme of our province’ founding anniversary celebration this year) said Baac.

The theme of the anniversary of Kalinga being celebrated this week is, “Celebrating success, peace, and  unity, with Continuing Commitment to Good Governance” said Baac, adding that  everyone should do their part and to work together as one province.

The ceremonial opening and blessing of the Catabbogan-Wagud FMR is one of the highlights of the province’s 24th Founding Anniversary and 3rd Bodong Festival.

In 2018, the province have successfully turned over two PRDP supported FMR subprojects and one enterprise subproject to boost the coffee industry of the province. These are the improvement of Banneng-Gombowoy FMR in Tanudan, the improvement   of   Bulanao-Amlao   FMR   in   Tabuk   City,   and   the   Kalinga Integrated   Coffee   Processing   and   Marketing   Enterprise   with   the construction of a Coffee Trading Center located in Tabuk City.

The province of Kalinga was able to acquire a total investment cost from the DA-PRDP   amounting to P775 million or 31.7 percent of the   region’s cost share as of press time.


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