Development of Baguio Post Office site assured


BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan disclosed that the administration of the Philippine Postal Corporation is preparing the development plan of the Baguio Post Office site which is part of the remaining historical landmarks in the city to preserve and protect it from further deterioration.

PPC officials paid a courtesy call to Mayor Domogan and assured him of the corporation’s plan to work out the development of its property located at the top of Session Road.

‘”We have to remember the property belongs to the Philippine Postal Corporation so we could not just impose what we want to be done in the area without seeking the authority from the property owner,” Domogan stressed.

He reported that the PPC’s development plan for the Baguio Post Office site will be presented to the local government before it will be implemented to improve the overall situation in the area.

According to him, PPC officials recognized the importance of developing and improving its property as the surrounding properties are already developed except that of the Baguio Post Office.

Domogan expressed support to the concern raised by stakeholders on the need to improve the said area but the local government cannot just intrude into a property that it does not own.

He added it is timely that the Philippine Postal Corporation has its own plan to improve the property so as not to leave it in its sorry state, inviting comments from some sectors for the city government to develop it. But as clarified, the property is owned by the PPC.

The Baguio Post Office is still under the administration and management of the Philippine Postal Corporation which operates all existing post offices in the country.

The Baguio Post Office site is one of the most frequented places by residents and visitors in the city because it is strategically situated at the top of Session road, thus, it is obvious to all it is only the property that has not yet been developed.

Domogan expressed his gratitude to the PPC officials as their recent visit signifies the enhanced relationship between agencies with regional offices in the city and the local government in pursuing the government’s development thrust.

He expressed optimism the upcoming development of the property will contribute in improving the state of the remaining few areas at the top of Session Road.

By Dexter A. See