Another Year Beckons

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Last January 6, PO2 Mary Ann Mabanag and personnel of Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Station 8 took into their care a missing child who was later re-united with the father through help of netizens.

There was something touching in the way PO2 Mary Ann Mabanag took care of the missing child. She exuded the womanly sensations that glow through the closer ties of society, and descends into the value of life.

Last January 4, BCPO Station 4, supervised by PI Jesse dela Cruz, together with his personnel, found a 7-year old boy, ferried him to their station, cleaned, fed him and brought him to his home in in Balikangkang, Itogon.

BCPO and its stations are just hitting it right in the manner they do a job well done. A start of a good year.

Ya! Another year beckons for all to start something that interest them.

For indeed, in this advent of chill-suited January, Cordillerans and Region 1 dwellers can have the tender and warm expression to cloth their musings and dwell long on the thought, “What’s in store or changes for the year ahead?”

Warmly must we look upon nature and her changes, who does not find a luxury of sentiment in the contemplation of her changing seasons.

There is an eloquence in nature’s exhortations for us to take one step at a time for this year, constant as they are, which always arrests our attention, and a music in her voice, which familiarity renders but more sweet.

Kasla na la ibagbaga, “Nu anya man rinugiyam idi napalabas nga tawen, a ket ipalpas mo.  Nu anya man kayat mo nga irugi itatta a tawen, a ket irugi mon.”

And so it is with the changes that are going on every year. Each year renews the same or new dreams and awakens the reflections and teaches over the same lessons.

Many of us may reflect and say, “Bareng adda panagbalbaliw na daytoy baro a tawen!”

The peculiar changes which the new year effects in our scenery are as obvious and common as anything can well be.

Just take a look at how Lolita Capas, 54, a sturdy and lovable Cordilleran lady residing in Benguet has to say about panagbaliw that reawakens her reflections, “Ita a 2019 is the year of the pig. Kayat na a sawen, maiparit ti ag-diet.”

There are various causes which operate to give in a sober coloring to the thoughts of Cordilleran and Region 1 dwellers which the present time suggests. The sights and sounds around us are calculated to inspire these citizens.

The effect of these   impressions to their sensations is added to their considerations. The close of the year is a time when we pause and look back at the events which have marked the progress and especially these in which we ourselves are most directly interested.

Kasla ngarud ti kuna ni Pitong Dacunos, 62, gardinero ti nateng, nalaing nga ag-Englis ken ag-Tagalog, on matters of events for his last year on which he looks back on and intends to mark a prograss on which he is interested on.

He said, “My good friend Ah Kong, this new year, And aking new year’s resolution, hinding hindi na ako iinom ng alak. Isabaw ko laeng diay arak iti inapoy!”

Many of us have been so favored by the last year to have enjoyed an unbroken streak of prosperity and happiness. Alas, it cannot be the case of many men, including Ah, that they decided to make changes.

These many men, Ah included, over whose heads a period of twelve months of the last year passed away, has now brought some change and enjoyment so favored that the unbroken flow of happiness is dear to them.

This change to these many men and Ah happened after science researchers have found out that women who jog without bra get longer breasts.

Now, these men and Ah have started jogging around Burnham Park in the wee hours of the morning – without pants and underwear in the hope of getting longer. . . what would you call it?

Because for these men and Ah, it’s not bad to dream at all for longer. . . No-no-no! Not bad to dream at all. Unnerstang!

Ah Kong was finally able to join the 4th anniversary and thanksgiving party of the Herald Express held January 6 at the Baguio City Hall, Multi-Purpose Hall, after having failed for three consecutive times to present himself.

No less than Manong and mayor Mauricio Domogan was there and, the good Manong that he is to all children, reached into his wallet and produced a good a good number of bills of which the children who were part of the party, won and took home as their prizes in their Christmas games presentation.

Ah joined Herald Express in July 2015. In late 2016, his clogged and unhearing ears heard something in the air supposedly predicted by someone (Hi-hi-hi!  Apparently, that someone is still a mystery guy to Ah) that “in six months or so, Herald Express will fold up.”

What does “folding up” simply mean in the newspaper business? Aha! It simply foresaw that Herald Express, after six months, will breath its last gasp, stumble and sputter then breath its last until it will Rest in Peace (R.I.P.).

Now, such a prediction didn’t sit well in the ears of those who conceived the birth of Herald Express, more particularly Joseph Manzano and Dexter See, their helping family members and their employees.

Ah, an ignoramus who never reached Grade 1, thus naturally ignorant about any business matter whatsoever, was completely mystified why anyone for that matter would utter such negative sentiment to a budding newspaper enterprise to fold up, instead of encouraging it.

Ah was tickled pink thinking along, “Was that someone’s interests threatened?” Something seemed amiss.

Why? Syemple, kung si Ah kaya, sabi sa inyo kung may business ka, “Hoy pale/mali, yang business mo, hini tatagal ng anim o isa taon; Mabank-lap yan sigulado.”  Masisiyahan ka kaya? Would you be jumping gleefully happy hearing such?

On the part of Joseph, Dexter and their helping families, were they discouraged? Caramba! No! Instead, they redoubled their efforts and made sure the person who made such a prediction would chew on and eat his words.

As for Ah, when he joined Herald Express, he was given the nod to write any subject matter of his own choosing. For such confidence bestowed by Herald Express on Ah, Ah is humbled.

When Ah learned of such a prediction, he laughed like an uncontrolled maniac and he said to himself, he just loves to be with and fight for an underdog, this time the underdog being  Herald Express.

Ah just loves staying on the side of an underdog, never you mind if the underdog and him are bloodied in the nose and their faces rubbed against the soil.

After all, in life, there’s a saying that goes, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Many six months have elapsed, five years have elapsed and Herald Express is going strong, testing uncharted currents and finding the waters excitingly beckoning and challenging.

The main ingredient why Herald Express has come this far is because of you – you are its intelligent reader.

And Ah says, Dear gentle reader: Herald Express, on the occasion of its fourth anniversary, have cast its humble venture upon uncertain water of public favor, in hopes of being enabled by your aid, to reach port with a goodly freight.

It is Herald Express’s wish that you will always have a say in the publication.

And now, farewell, till next Sunday, when we hope to find you, as you shall find us, full of mirth and full of glee.

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